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The path towards global energy independence starts with you

The Solgen™ Eco System

A global decentralized energy trading and sharing technology

Simply stated, Solgen™ Inc. is a California based eco-tech company that has built an online ecosystem that connects its global population of solar energy producers with each other, the financial markets and the energy commodity exchange. The system optimizes grid tariffs, household consumption patterns, solar energy production and energy storage for its entire population. The system is built on powerful underlaying technologies such as blockchain, machine learning (AI) and leading industry hardware supplied by companies such as SMA, Tesvolt, LGE, and Solar Edge. 

This is ultimately done by combining the decentralization of energy production (solar), the trade of energy in global financial markets and the collective sharing of deficit and surplus energy of its collective members (internal crypto commodity). By the creation of a global autonomous sharing platform, Solgen™ solves the local challenges with solar production such as the lack of sunshine at night, seasons and grid dependability. We implement a hybrid approach towards the traditional thinking in the energy industry and use hydro and wind power as local storage. This allows Solgen™ to offer its subscribers, prosumers and commercial partners one product (including hardware installation) to a monthly subscription fee that is lower than their existing energy contracts. Each installation has a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years worth of energy production. After the initial 10 years of energy production the cost per kWh drops down to zero and the system achieves its primary goal of giving its members free energy independence and pave the way for the transition to global sustainable energy production free from fossil sources. 

Simplicity, Autonomy, Freedom and the decentralization of energy production are the words we live by. 


Our products

The path towards energy independence is achieved in three simple steps.


The Solgen™ Hybrid Energy Agreement is the foundation and enables your system to buy energy at wholesale prices. 

Solgen™ AI+

The Solgen™ AI+ subscription enables Solgen™ to optimize your household and trade/share energy with the global Solgen™ population.

Solgen™ Home

Your home on Solar steroids. A full solar panel, energy battery and grid optimization in one solution and price per month


Learn how you can become energy independent and get a complete Solgen™ Home for as low as $299 a month. 

What's included
  • A Solgen™ Home consists of a SHEA contract (Sustainable Hybrid Energy Agreement) allowing us to supply you with non fossil energy from our partners and connected users.

  •  A tailored Solgen™ Home hardware installation consisting of state of the art solar panels or solar tiles, an energy storage battery and our AI managed Smart Box turning your house into an energy producer.


  • A dedicated connection and subscription to the Solgen™ global online sharing platform Yggdrasil 1.0. allowing the system to be optimized and managed by Solgen™'s integrated machine learning algorithm (AI) Joules™.


Our story and the journey forward

Six years in the making

Solgen™ International Inc. is a California based tech company developing a global blockchain based energy sharing platform. In 2018 Solgen™ Inc. bought The Solar Generation Company with all its proprietary technologies and assets. Solgen™ Inc. expects to launch its US and European services in September, 2021

Solgen™ is currently offering a limited amount of customers in the US and Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland and the Baltics) to join as subscribers and prosumers in our initial beta phase. Solgen™ Inc.  Our subsidiaries have offices in the USA, Finland and Sweden. Solgen™ Inc has currently a client base of 37 000 energy customers in the Nordic countries through our subsidiaries and partners.


What People are Saying

One system, connecting all.

“Amazing service and beautiful installation. Cut our energy cost in half”

“The dream of having a self sufficient energy system in the remote mountains of Scandinavia is now a reality.”

"Using the sun as a power source and sharing the surplus production with people on the other side of the planet is mind-blowing"

The Ohman family, Sweden

(Solgen™ Subscribers)

ECHO BASE™, Norway

(Solgen™ Commercial)

Tom Thayer, CA, USA

(Solgen™ Prosumer)


Join the path towards energy independence

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330 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401

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